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Cloudborn is a web3 community-driven RPG where you fight to save a shattered land from imminent doom.

The world of Cloudborn is hostile, but your heroes, the Meridians, rise as a beacon of hope, bringing with them the vision of rebuilding a world everyone can call home.

Engage in turn based battles by forming unique teams of heroes, powered by blockchain and AI. Experience true ownership of your gaming achievements and assets. Trade and collect your one-of-a-kind heroes as you experience and watch them grow even more powerful with the unfolding seasons, in a service game of premium quality.

Set sail through an ever-changing world, where your actions etch indelible marks on the fabric of the universe, leaving a legacy that transcends the game itself.

In Cloudborn, the power is in your hands—every creation, evolution, level-up, and minted asset is unequivocally yours. Experience true ownership of your gaming achievements and assets.


Heroes of Miyanu

Meridians and Golems form the perfect combination to take the battle to the Corrupted. The synergy between their powers is at the heart of the rich and intricate combat that unfolds on the islands of Miyanu. As the Meridians lead with strategy, the Golems showcase a diverse array of skills, ensuring that every battle carries the unique signature of the team.

Meridians are also the ones who craft their own Golems using the fantastic forge that stands proudly aboard their airship. It is up to the Meridians to skillfully utilize Golem technology to ensure that their creations maximize their chances of victory in combat.

A Vast World

Gaze of The Epoch

Explore the floating islands of Miyanu, each brimming with hidden treasures, fearsome foes, and ancient secrets. Your journey spans many diverse environments, from lush forests to desolate wastelands, each presenting unique challenges and rewards. As you unravel the mysteries of these islands, you will discover powerful artifacts and resources to assist in your quest.


Cloudborn is a registered trademark of Antler Interactive AB. All rights reserved.